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How I Became a Superhero Overview in 2022

How I became a Superhero movie is directed by Douglas Attal. This is a superhero, fantasy movie which was released on 21 April 2021. The movie is made on a topic that is liked by a lot of people, that is fantasy and superpower. The film is being said to be unique from the rest of the superhero films because an attempt has been made to show some new concept in it. of superheroes are shown. The movie features Pio Marmai, Vimala Pons, Leila Bekhti, Swann arlaud, Leonie Souchaul, Benolt Poelvoorde in the lead roles. The scene of the film is dark but all the visuals can be seen well, as well as the VFX is very amazing which gives the feeling of a real superhero. Initially, the film is shown with a very slow screenplay, which does not bring much interest in the movie, but every part is interesting from the perspective of the story. After half part of the movie, the screenplay is shown very fast and full of very interesting action and eye-catching.

How I Became a Superhero Story

A world has been shown in the film where superheroes and ordinary human beings work together but they have no problem with each other, both also live happily. But some people start gaining superpower with the help of a special type of drug, which leads to interference in normal life. Investigation officers Lieutenant Moreu and Schaltzmann investigate the same problem with the help of two of their friends who are ex superheroes. But as the investigation progresses, then the kind of complications in it, which are faced by these brave officers, there is a whole film based on that.

How I Became a Superhero Reviews in 2022

The story of how I became a superhero movie makes it a unique one because in most superhero movies superheroes have a lot of powers and they save their world from the enemy. But in this movie the exact opposite is shown, a world is shown in which ordinary people and superheroes live together, superheroes use their powers in front of the people and do their work. And ordinary people also do not have any interference with the presence of superheroes. But in the midst of this, some people start gaining superpower by using a drug from the illegal market and this causes distraction in the life of the normal logo, which some smart people start solving and it starts. That is, how I became a superhero of the real meaning.

The scene of the movie is fine and the background is nothing special, but worth watching. Some actors have done a great job but the acting of some characters is not that special. The VFX of Hollywood movies cannot be beaten, like every movie, the VFX in this movie too is superb. The story of the movie, full of drama, action, gives a different fun with superpowers. Its IMDB Rating is 5.8/10.

how I became a superhero Cast

Pio Marmai (Gary Moreau), Vimala Pons, Leila Bekhti (Callista), Swan Arlaud (Naja), Leonie Souchaud (Lily), Benoit Poelvoorde (Monte Carlo), Camillie Japy (Elisabeth Caghieri), Louis Peres (Rudy), Benjamin Lavernhe ,Clovis Cornillac (Gigaman), Theo Christine(ismael), Gilles Cohen (Chairmont),Antoine Gouy (medecin legiste), Cartman(Lorenzi), Bojesse Christopher,Cyril Guel (Guillot), Hubert SaintMacary(Professor dato), Carl Ernouf ( Agent), Vincent Haquin and Farid Afifi (Pompier) etc. are in the character movie.

How To Watch Online how I became a superhero

This movie was released on 21 April 2021. Due to covid-19 pandemic restriction, it was released on the OTT platform only. This movie can be seen on Netflix (subscription) online sitting at home.

1) How I become a superhero movie released on Netflix?

Ans:- July 9th, 2021

2) In which languages ​​are this movie made?

Ans:- How I became a superhero is in the French language but English subtitles are also given along with it. And Hindi language is also given in the audio.

3) What genre of movie is this?

Ans:- This is a fantasy, superhero, action, adventurous, drama, crime genre movie.


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