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Oneplus TV What to Expect? And Oneplus TV What will New?



OnePlus Tv
Oneplus TV

Last year Oneplus CEO Pete Lau Had confirmed. Along with that one plus phone business, he is now coming to the business of the TV. That Oneplus will keep the TV market completely changed, So Oneplus TV is also about to make. And the Oneplus TV is coming out with a lot of good out-of-the-box features in the smart-phone industry so the king has become Oneplus.

  • Oneplus CEO Pete Lau Anlouced Coming TV Business in 2018
  • Oneplus was a Premium Flagship Killer Brand In India
  • Oneplus TV Coming Soon in Market In 2019

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what we Expect Inside Oneplus TV

 Let me tell you that India is the largest market for Oneplus, it can be the first launch in TV India and now in China, if you talk about its sales, then let’s get it sold with Amazon India. Oneplus TVs are very good features out there. -of-the-box, and know that Oneplus has become premium flagship killer brand for India and its main motive Indian Kanjumor, giving a lot of good features in the low budget, Mind remains Now see how Oneplus comes with its own TV. Now we do not have much information about the TV coming to us. If you talk about some space then stay tuned.

we if I talk about Oneplus Tv specs. Oneplus tv comes to a massive spec an also comes with variantsTalk about One Plus TV, its main target will be the Xiaomi TV in the Indian market, which is patch wall OS comes with this MI Tv Xiaomi is bringing good features in a very low budget.

Oneplus TV

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What will new in Oneplus TV

What will new in Oneplus TV
Oneplus Tv What’s New

The TV which will be one of the OnePlus TVs will be a great TV, such as LG, Samsung, which are expensive brands such as Samsung branded brands such as Samsung, you can find features like Affordable Price. And you will be able to see 4K TVs. Let me tell you one thing that Netflix will become Satisfied. ETV is fully able to view videos in 4K HDR, so I am saying that because most TVs in India are supported by 4K Resolution. TV but then there is also Netflix which is the app that plays video in 1080p in the TV is not yet fully understood why it is not fully satisfied with TV Netflix In the Oneplus similar technology, you will see the inside of Affordable.

I mean, in a few things, let me tell you that this TV which will be HDR compatible and you can also get the support of Dolby Vision HDR 10 Plus, now let’s see what we get to see in Oneplus TV, first of all, Let me tell you that the design of Oneplus TV will be quite thin and bezel-less will be quite thin and you will get a premium design that is in your expensive brand TV You get to see quite spectacular

According to me, I think that there is a lot of things in the smart TVs of today’s time, even if you take the smart TVs of LG, Samsung brand, you can charge one to one and a half lakhs. The processor inside it is not as strong. Meaning that the processor is not as powerful Which is good enough to get inside the smartphone. In today’s time, you can get a good processor inside OnePlus Plus TV. And one thing that you have Oneplus Philosophy is the one thing that has their tagline. You can get very good speed on every device with a lot of speed in focus. No any Doubt.

  • Powerful processor
  • Supported Dolby vison HDR 10+
  • Also run on Android OS May Be
  • Oneplus TV Netflix Certified
  • OnePlus Tv Supported Google Assistance
  • Oneplus Tv comes with Under 50,000


Best Alternative Games like Dota 2




Best Alternative Games like Dota 2

I think you are bored playing daily basis Dota 2. Are you looking to play some new stuff, and have you come to the right place? I’m going to tell you all about these queries: Are you looking for the best games Like Dota 2. I’m suggesting best the Best alternative game like Dota 2 has become much more prevalent Day by Day.

A large number of people bordering Dota players stop playing the game these days and then. If you’re among those who are planning on quitting DOTA 2 and looking for some alternative games to Dota 2. we have compiled a list of the best alternative and games like Dota 2 

Best Game Like Dota 2

  • League of Legends
  • Heroes of the Storm
  • Heroes of Newerth
  • Arena of Heroes
  • Arena of Valor
  • Heroes Arena
  • Vainglory

Is Dota 2 Losing popularity?

yeah, this is true Dota 2 is day by day, losing popularity, and they are losing players but compared to the other game and most probably people’s recent rise in popularity of Online mobile games, they die to the payer the PC gaming and other games

The question is why people are shifting to mobile games and, right now, the mobile gaming trend. Because a massive amount of audience using mobile phones and they can easily afford the mobile phone, but the less amount of people Aford the highest specs build PC for gaming, but everyone can afford a mobile phone and play the same game, and people relate to games.

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All New ios 16 Apple CarPlay New Features




apple carplay new interface

In WWDC, apple every single year introduced brand new technologies and devices and launched some products and operating systems already known’s.

we have talked about Apple’s new version of Apple car play that’s included with newly ios 16 and packed with some crazy features

 History of the Apple CarPlay Since 2014, Apple has introduced CarPlay that time.CarPlay used to do some selected work on your car’s infotainment screen from your iPhone; we could have used it for navigation. You could play songs from your phone from where you would be able to access facilities like text messages and voice calls. It could have been there, but now a lot of new features come to Apple CarPlay in 2022

the new car play controls the entire vehicle help of the Apple apps help of new car play; you can control your vehicle entire think like you want to control with the help of your Apple app like you can AC temperature, vehicle monitor the entire thing

carplay new fetures

You can customize everything the time you need, the facility speedo meter, instrument clusters, the screens in their cars, and widgets for weather, calendar appointments, trip data, time zones, and music. You will be able to customers inside the new CarPlay in your way.

I think the new CarPlay user interface features are well designed. Instantly thought comes to your mind purchase must have a new car with CarPlay.You get this CarPlay with a whole new operating system, which is much new to you.

You must know that Apple does not give anything for free. There is a region behind it. Go a little deeper. Apple needed an excuse. People have run their iPhones; their consumers do not go anywhere else, so we think deeper and decide it.


Apple has invested its technology in CarPlay. People drive at least 1 to 2 hours every day, then Apple has to make people life easier. Apple To gives its Apple CarPlay to the automaker; now the auto is not charging any fees from the Automake Company, which in the coming time, it seems that we will have to give a monthly subscription for a car play too. Connects with much more advanced features in the coming time

Anyone who used an iPhone. Apple thinks introducing the CarPlay and solving the automaker’s invest the technology and future iPhone consumer does not switch to Android. 

There’s also a potential way for CarPlay to become another revenue driver for Apple. Today, Apple doesn’t charge any kind of royalties or fees from automaker companies that use CarPlay. The current system also requires connecting an iPhone.

In my opinion, in the future may be, we have seen if you buy any car and specially CarPlay operating system on your Vehicle infotainment system and much more advanced. It doesn’t require iPhone use for CarPlay, and this is a great thing in the future we have seen.

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How to Skip Any Youtube Ads




How to Skip Any Youtube Ads

Are you upset, face trouble with YouTube Ads, and looking for a solution, and you can’t afford a YouTube premium version? I’m giving you tips on How to skip any YouTube Ads?

This is a very easy method. It will work on both mobile and desktop devices.

  1. Firstly you skip any youtube Ad and click on the skip button. This method everyone knows
  2. Click on icon popup icon, then select stop Ad and click it


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IMG 20220715 123925


IMG 20220715 123948

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